• Walk to Emmaus

    Connect with the Lord at the next Emmaus weekend.

  • Chrysalis

    Spend three days with other young people in worship, prayer, fellowship, recreation, singing and discussion.

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Weekend Retreats


The Emmaus weekend is a three-day spiritual life experience designed to immerse the participants, called pilgrims, in the love of God and bring fresh awareness of the essential teachings of our Christian faith.

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Chrysalis is a three-day spiritual renewal retreat that provides participants an opportunity to learn more about faith, to experience Christian love and support, and a chance to make new commitments in their faith journey.

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Each Chayah weekend starts on a Thursday morning, and ends on Saturday night. Scheduling the retreats this way leaves Sundays open for visitation for the few youth who receives visits from family members.

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The goal of the Kairos Outside retreat weekend is to demonstrate God’s grace and love through Christian support for women who have a loved one who is or has been incarcerated, or have been incarcerated themselves.

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