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Kairos Outside Arizona (Tucson)
P.O. Box 18342
Tucson, AZ 85731-8342
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Kairos Outside Tucson is governed by an Advisory Board, the members and their positions are listed below.

Position Name
Agape Coordinator Sabrena Schaefer
Chairperson Phyllis White
Facilities Liaison Sandy Allen
Financial Secretary (open)
Fundraising Coordinator Sandy Allen & Carla Ruhl
Outreach Coordinator Sue Elias
Reunion Coordinator Marti Sommers & Shawna Whittaker
Secretary Carla Ruhl
State Chapter Committee Representative Sabrena Schaefer
Treasurer Elaine Roberts
Advising Chair Sabrena Schaefer
Communications Coordinator (open)
Data Coordinator Carla Ruhl
Inventory Coordinator Carla Ruhl
Newsletter Editor / Printing (open)
Observing Chairperson (vice chair) (open)