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Arizona Walk To Emmaus
P. O. Box 86309
Phoenix, AZ 85080-6309

The Arizona Walk To Emmaus is governed by a Board Of Directors. The members and their positions are listed below (click on a member’s name to send them an email):

Position Name
Community Lay Director Barbara Fike
Assistant Community Lay Director Ann Marie Davee
Secretary Ginni Hoagland
Chrysalis & Emmaus Treasurer Mary Ann Crist
Agape Chair Deniece May
Communications Chair Rebecca Williams
4th Day Chair Bill & Janine Cluck
Music Director Ed Taylor
Pre-Emmaus Chair Amy Fredrick
Registrar John & Marsha Campbell
3 Day Chair Vicki Williams
Gathering Chair Nancy Oyler
Community Spiritual Director Carl Peterson
Southern Arizona Rep. Don Booth
Southern Arizona Rep. Vacant
Northern Arizona Rep. Joe Meehan
Northern Arizona Rep. Vacant
Chrysalis Rep Vacant